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BVI Launches new Hydrophobic PODEYE TORIC Intraocular Lens

BVI Launches New Hydrophobic PODEYE TORIC Intraocular Lens as Part of the PhysIOL Family of Lenses

  • First of a planned family of TORIC IOLs offered on BVI’s proprietary G-Free hydrophobic material
  • Features the unique Double C-loop haptic platform – specifically designed for improved stability required by TORIC IOLs for long-term, accurate astigmatism correction
  • Delivers a reliable and permanent astigmatic correction option for the 47% of cataract patients who are affected by pre-surgical corneal astigmatism of 1D or greater1

Waltham, MA February 2, 2021 – BVI, the most dynamic, diversified company in ophthalmology, announces today the commercial launch of our PODEYE TORIC intraocular lens. This is the first of a planned family of TORIC IOLs on the proprietary G-free hydrophobic polymer, combing astigmatic correcting optics with our proven double C-loop haptic design AND G-Free hydrophobic material.

The PhysIOL®lens family by BVI launched its first hydrophilic Toric IOL in 2013 and featured for the first time the novel haptic design that was fitting to the requirements of the premium multifocal toric IOLs in both, stability and centration. The double C-Loop haptic configuration is unique to the BVI IOL portfolio and has more than 7 years proven clinical stability in correcting astigmatism for hundreds of thousands of patients around the world.  The PhysIOL® Hydrophobic PODEYE® TORIC now offers clinicians the best in material and design for their cataract patients.

“Our continued innovation in the IOL category is a clear priority for BVI. The third lens launched in just the last 2 years, PhysIOL Hydrophobic PODEYE TORIC is another milestone in a series of planned innovative launches” said Shervin Korangy, CEO and President of BVI.

PODEYE TORIC equally provides doctors and their patients – Stability, Accuracy and Reliability. 

Stability – from our double C-loop haptic design

Accuracy – from our online calculator featuring with Abulafia-Koch regression Formula

Reliability – from our clinically proven GF hydrophobic material and with outcomes when treating astigmatism

Corneal astigmatism affects nearly half of all cataract patients, and 6.5% patients undergoing cataract surgery suffer with severe astigmatism – yet market data indicates only 4.1% of IOLs implanted are toric (Market Scope 2020).

“We have been known for our innovation in presbyopia-correcting IOLs, and it is important that we cascade these innovations for routine cataract patients with astigmatism as well, said Marc Nolet, President of the IOL Innovation unit for BVI. “With PODEYE monofocal IOL and now PODEYETORIC IOL, cataract patients with pre-existing astigmatism can benefit from astigmatism correction with state-of-art material and haptic designs that are well established in the market.”

This builds upon a period of industry leading momentum for the BVI business.  BVI continues to broaden its portfolio and provide doctors and patients the best range of high quality and innovative products within ophthalmology.  PODEYE TORIC represents BVI’s commitment to this evolving mission.

About BVI

BVI® is a global ophthalmic medical device manufacturer with a mission to deliver high quality solutions and innovation for advancing eye surgery and improving the vision of patients.  With nine decades of developing leading products and solutions, BVI partners with ophthalmic surgeons to improve the vision of millions of patients across the globe.  Our organization supports surgical teams, in more than 115 countries worldwide, either directly or through our network of trusted distributors.  Our trusted brands include: Beaver® (Knives and Blades), Visitec® (Cannulas), Malosa® (Single-Use Instruments), Vitreq® (Vitreoretinal Surgical Products) and PhysIOL® (Premium IOLs).


1Anderson DF, Dhariwal M, Bouchet C, Keith MS. Global prevalence and economic and humanistic burden of astigmatism in cataract patients: a systematic literature review. Clin Ophthalmol. 2018;12:439-452.

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