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BVI introduces Patient Packs

BVI® introduces Patient Packs to help US ophthalmologists bring patients back with confidence.

  • BVI has developed a ‘Patient Pack’ in collaboration with ophthalmic professionals and administrators to reduce the complexity and concerns in bringing patients back
  • BVI simplifies the task of ophthalmic centers and clinics to secure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for patients – often a time-consuming, frustrating and expensive task

Waltham, MA – September 24, 2020: 

BVI, the fastest-growing diversified company in ophthalmology, has released a line of Patient Packs to help US ophthalmologists bring patients back to their facilities with confidence.  From early in the pandemic, ophthalmology was one of the hardest hit medical specialties.  Ophthalmologists are now seeking to get back to normal and address the backlog of patients whose vision has been negatively impacted by postponing their visits. While each practice has made their own decisions on how to reopen, guided by the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) and local regulations, a single factor has proven crucial: bringing back patients’ confidence.

BVI has focused on simplifying the implementation and communication of protective protocols.  BVI Patient Packs provide a ready-to-use package that includes a face mask, bouffant cap, shoe covers and an optional non-sterile isolation gown along with easy-to-understand patient instructions.

BVI is pleased to be able to ease the burden of sourcing trustworthy vendors for various products, giving customers access to the right mix of PPE, and giving our ophthalmic partners peace of mind.

“At the onset of COVID-19 we prioritized projects internally for ways to help in the recovery. We’re proud that we can leverage our supply chain expertise and custom procedure pack capabilities to react and provide this service at a reasonable price point with the highest measure of quality and reliability,” said Darin Dixon, VP of Sales US.   “With the uncertainties lurking for the fall season, we want to help our customers be as prepared as possible to service their patients.”

With the ready-to-use Patient Packs, healthcare providers have a unique opportunity to give a differentiated patient experience and encourage reluctant patients to return to their regular ophthalmic visits. Patient packs are now available in the United States.

About BVI

BVI® is a global ophthalmic medical device manufacturer with a mission to deliver high quality solutions and innovation for advancing eye surgery and improving the vision of patients.  With nine decades of developing leading products and solutions, BVI partners with ophthalmic surgeons to improve the vision of millions of patients across the globe.  Our organization supports surgical teams, in more than 115 countries worldwide, either directly or through our network of trusted distributors.  Our trusted brands include: Beaver® (Knives and Blades), Visitec® (Cannulas), Malosa® (Single-Use Instruments), Vitreq® (Vitreoretinal Surgical Products) and PhysIOL® (Premium IOLs).

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