Tower Phaco System with Dual Pump (Peristaltic and Rotary Vane)







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Features & Benefits

R-Evolution: Designed to Amplify your Talent

R-Evolution is the system that gives a wide range of options for each step of the cataract procedure, enhancing performances and functionalities.

Agile Fluidics™ supporting Anterior Chamber stability:

• IOP Management with Advanced Microprocessor-controlled Active Irrigation System

• Selectable Aspiration System between Flow or Vacuum based pumps

• Unique EasySys Cassette System

• Integrated and Motorized IV Pole for optional Gravity Irrigation


Optimized Energy Management fostering U/S efficiency:

• Minimal Stress™ Technology

• Balanced U/S Cutting Protocols designed to boost efficiency

• 40 KHz Phaco Handpiece

• Wide Phaco Tip range


Anterior Vitrectomy

• 20G Single Blade Anterior Vitreous Cutter

• 23G TWEDGE Technology Vitreous Cutter


User Interface assisting human-machine interaction via:

• Large High Visibility 19” touch screen

• Wireless Foot-Pedal Programmable as Single Linear or Dual Linear

• Same EasySysCassette for Phaco/Retina/Combined procedures

• Several programmable Voice and Audio Feedbacks

• IR Remote Control (optional)

Instructions for use

Instructions for use

Phaco tip wrench IFU

Test chamber IFU

Additional information

Not all products or offerings are approved or offered in every market. Approved labelling and instructions may vary from one country to another. Contact your local distributor or BVI (Contact us – BVI Medical) for worldwide product information.

This product is not approved by the FDA for use or distribution in the United States of America.

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