A Sterile Single Dose Viscous Transparent Solution




Op’cover is a single dose with 2.2% HPMC, sterile and apyrogenic, intended for protecting the cornea during tests, and different types of ophthalmic or general surgical operations. A drop placed on the cornea protects the eye from dehydration and prevents abrasions linked to the lack of a lachrymal film during anaesthesia.



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Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

OP’COVER is intended to temporarily cover the patient’s cornea with a protective film during an eye examination with a lens or during eye surgery. OP’COVER avoids dehydration or abrasion of the cornea while maintaining its optical clarity.

Clinical Papers

Clinical Papers

Comparison of carboxymethylcellulose vs. hydroxypropyl methylcellulose as a gonioscopic fluid.

Prevention of ophthalmic complications during general anesthesia.

Corneal protection during general anesthesia for nonocular surgery.

Comparison of corneal wetting properties of viscous eye lubricant and balanced salt solution to maintain optical clarity during cataract surgery.

Decreased basal tear production associated with general anesthesia.

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Corneal Protection

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