ARCIOLANE 1300/5500

For better tolerance and higher safety




Arciolane is a fractionated, purified, sterile and apyrogenic silicone oil for completely safe vitreoretinal surgery. It comes in a vial or syringe. In two viscosities, 1300 and 5500 cSt.



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Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

• More than 300.000 products distributed in more than 70 countries worldwide
• Thin layer vacuum purification process
• Ophthalmic specific sterile packaging
• 3 years shelf life
• Compatible with all air pressure silicone oil injection systems
• Quality assurance system ISO 13485/2016 certified



Use purified and fractioned silicone oil

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Additional information

Not all products or offerings are approved or offered in every market. Approved labelling and instructions may vary from one country to another. Contact your local distributor or BVI (Contact us – BVI Medical) for worldwide product information.

This product is not approved by the FDA for use or distribution in the United States of America.

Silicone Oil

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