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BVI Quality Policy

“BVI is dedicated to delivering high quality ophthalmic and surgical products that surpass customer expectations and regulatory requirements. Our focus is on patient safety, reliability, and continuous improvement.”

Key principles guiding our quality policy that serve as a framework for BVI’s objectives: 

Customer Focus

Focus on exceeding customer needs and serving patients.

Product Quality

Produce innovative and high-quality products following defined processes, addressing emerging risks.

Employee Engagement

Foster a quality mindset where employees are empowered to take ownership of Quality.

Continuous Improvement

Emphasize continuous improvement through collective intelligence to identify, innovate, and optimize.

Quality Management System

Implement and maintain an effective Quality Management System to manage and improve our processes.


Adhere to all applicable regulations, standards, and guidelines.

We hold ourselves accountable for communicating and implementing this quality policy across our organization, regularly reviewing its effectiveness, and making necessary improvements as OneBVI. By upholding these principles, we work with integrity and agility to deliver safe, effective, and reliable products that contribute to the well-being of patients and the advancement of eye health across the globe.

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