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We offer a wide portfolio of single-use cannulas to meet the diverse needs of today’s ophthalmic surgeons. Visitec cannulas are designed through high-quality processes to meet ever-changing surgical needs and aid surgeons in providing quality patient care. As microincisional surgery continues to grow, single use cannulas play an important part in promoting patient safety.

Our disposable Vitreq vitreoretinal cannulas and needles include innovative design features to optimize difficult surgical maneuvers. The products offer the VR surgeon optimal control over some of the most challenging VR procedures, to enhance their safety and success rate. The full range of new disposable products include: PFC injection needles; VFI cannulas; pick needle cannulas; silicone tipped cannulas; blunt injection needles with luer lock connector; and infusion cannulas.



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Features & Benefits


  • Full range of single-use cannulas developed to support all ophthalmic surgical procedures
  • A history of innovation to meet your diverse surgical needs


Additional Information

Not all products or offerings are approved or offered in every market. Approved labelling and instructions may vary from one country to another. Contact your local distributor or BVI (Contact us – BVI Medical) for worldwide product information.


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