Combining Decades of Experience and Trusted Ophthalmic Brands in Our New, Innovative CustomEyes® Configurator Application!

The CustomEyes Convenience Pack Configurator allows our team to easily create the right pack for your OR needs.  The application builds a digital surgical pack sample instantly, so you can consider new ways to optimize efficiencies in the OR.  Real-time pricing and quick sample turn around  allows you to ensure you have the right surgical pack for your team.

Personalized Packs

  • Individualization to meet the surgeon’s needs
  • Adaptability for staff or technique changes

Visual Surgical Pack Assembly

  • Optimize the pack layout, by reviewing a virtual layout including the order and orientation of each component

Instant Feedback

  • Real-time quote and pricing
  • Sample delivery within two weeks

Fast Product Selection

  • The application will allow you to choose the product characteristics important to you and select the best product combination
  • Drag and drop components into your surgical pack

Simplified Surgical Preparation

  • 3D visualization of pack layers
  • Pack assembly to match your operations

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