Safety Slit Knife 3.2 mm; bevel up

SKU: 378832 Sold in : Global Procedure : Cataract, Cornea, Glaucoma

The Beaver Xstar Safety Slit Knife is available in a wide range of sizes designed for smooth penetration and accurate incision width. 10 per box.

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Item # Description
378832 Safety Slit Knife 3.2 mm; bevel up
378827 Slit Knife 2.75 mm; bevel up
378826 Slit Knife 2.65 mm; bevel up
378824 Slit Knife 2.4mm; bevel up
378825 Slit Knife 2.5 mm; bevel up
378830 Safety Slit Knife 3.0 mm; bevel up
378828 Slit Knife 2.8 mm; bevel up
378822 Safety Slit Knife 2.2 mm; bevel up
378829 Slit Knife 2.85 mm; bevel up

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