Nasal Pack 8.0 cm classic

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Ultracell brand PVA sponges for postoperative packing following nasal surgery. Used following septoplasty; rhinoplasty; and turbinectomy procedures. May aid in holding septum firmly in place. Avaliable in a range of sizes: 30 cm pediatric to 10 cm. Select sizes available in an anatomical shape. Popular sizes also avaliable in our patented lauered design. Excellent alternative to cumbersome gauze packing. Strung for safety. Latex-free. Single-use.

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Item # Description
10110-C Nasal Pack 8.0 cm classic
10115-C Nasal Pack 10.0 classic
10100-C Nasal Pack 4.5 cm classic
10120-C Nasal Pack 8.0 cm anatomical