Intraocular (IOL) Knife 5.2 mm

SKU: 581111 Sold in : Global Procedure : Cataract, Cornea Brand : Visitec®

Designed to enlarge a small incision for implantation of IOL after removal of the crystalline lens. Sides are sharp and tip is blunt. 5 per box.

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Item # Description
581111 Intraocular (IOL) Knife 5.2 mm
581125 Intraocular (IOL) Knife 5.7 mm
581127 Intraocular (IOL) Knife 4.1 mm
581141 Intraocular (IOL) Knife 3.5 mm
581139 Intraocular (IOL) Knife 6.2 mm

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