Epistaxis Product 8.0 cm

SKU: 10146-C Sold in : US Only

The Ultracell brand of epistaxis spong provides highly absorbent treatment of nosebleeds. Fluid absorption causes the packing to expand producing a tamponading effect. Available in variety of sizes: 3.0 cm anterior to 10.0 cm posterior. All are strung for safety. Ideal for use in emegency rooms; clinics; and doctor’s offcies; Latex free; Single- use.

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Item # Description
10146-C Epistaxis Product 8.0 cm
10150-C Epistaxis Product 5.5 cm
10140-C Epistaxis Product 10.0 cm
10160-C Epistaxis Product 3.0 cm
10140-L Epistaxis Product 10.0 cm; layered

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