BVI Donating PPE to help protect the COVID-19 front-line heroes

COVID-19 is impacting all of us in our personal and professional lives like nothing we have ever seen.  As a medical device manufacturer, safety is always our number one priority. Although we are smaller scale than many other large manufacturers, we hope to make a big impact as we redirect our efforts and supply toward the COVID-19 response.

We are actively looking to do our part by repurposing our products and redirecting supplies towards the COVID-19 response.  BVI today started donating Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Healthcare facilities in hard hit areas.  Surgical gowns and gloves are a vital part of BVI’s ophthalmic surgical business and with the global surge in demand for these items it is unclear when more supplies can be expected.  We are diligently working with our production teams and suppliers to open up new supply channels to get these critical pieces of equipment to the front-line heroes that keep us all safe.

“It’s humbling and amazing to see the generosity of both material and spirit being offered up to Northwell Health at this time of crisis. We sincerely thank BVI Medical for stepping forward to donate thousands of protective gowns for our front line health care workers.” Phyllis McCready, Chief Procurement Officer, Northwell Health

We are honored to help on the effort and will continue to race against the clock to do all we can for our health care professionals during these challenging times.  In turn we ask our loyal ophthalmic customers for their understanding when the situation, hopefully soon, returns to normal and we could potentially struggle to supply these items as part of our regular business.

For those of our customers who are still actively doing surgery during COVID-19 we remain fully operational and at your service – especially with the supply of Single-Use instruments to help limit the risk of cross-infections.

Be safe.


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