Cohesive HA: NuVisc PRO

High Quality, Innovative OVD For Your Cataract Procedures.
The combined sodium hyaluronate (HA) concentration and high molecular weight produces a distinct OVD for cataract surgery.

Ambient storage, no need to refrigerate

Stable without the need for refrigeration due to the new innovative formulation of HA

Designed to create volume, space and protection

The viscoelastic properties create and maintain space within the anterior chamber, along with corneal endothelium protection throughout surgery

Easy to remove

A highly viscous, cohesive, sterile OVD of high molecular weight that is easy to remove

High Quality

Seamless transparency and homogeneity of the OVD which avoids any bubble formation due to the new state-of-the-art automated manufacturing

1.0ml syringe volume

20% more OVD than standard 0.85ml volume syringes, providing confidence to complete your entire cataract procedure

HPMC: Op’cover

Op’cover is a single dose with 2.2% HPMC, sterile and apyrogenic, intended for protecting the cornea during tests, and different types of ophthalmic or general surgical operations. A drop placed on the cornea protects the eye from dehydration and prevents abrasions linked to the lack of a lachrymal film during anaesthesia.

Improves tests with diagnostic lens

The use of Op’cover creates a protective film between cornea and test lens, improves intraocular image definition and maintains the hydration of the cornea.

To improve the tolerance and avoid secondary effects, Op’Cover is sterile and preservative free.

Improves ophthalmic surgical procedures

The use of Op’cover allows the doctor to concentrate on his surgical procedure without interruption and without change of focal length to hydrate or request hydration of the cornea from his operational support.

Op’cover improves visualisation of the intraocular structures thanks to its magnifying effect.
The clarity of the cornea remains constant throughout the operation, unlike the gradual opacification of the corneal edges when using an irrigating saline solution.

Protects the cornea during anaesthesia

Under anaesthesia, the reduction in tear production, reduced lysosomal protection as well as disappearance of Bell’s phenomenon, combined with partial palpebral closure, induce rapid dehydration of the cornea and the risk of abrasion of the corneal epithelium.
Op’cover substitutes the lachrymal film during ophthalmic surgery or general surgery under anaesthesia, to avoid corneal dehydration, abrasions or perforations.

General indications

Medical device intended to temporarily form a protective layer onto the eye surface during ophthalmological examination with a lens or surgery (ophthalmic or not). The device is designed to avoid corneal dehydration or irritation while maintaining the cornea optical clarity.

Also usable for IOL cartridge lubrication.