BVI® Launches CryoTreq®

BVI® launches CryoTreq®, a single-use handheld cryo-surgery device, to revolutionize treatment of retinal tears and detachments.

  • Eliminates the need for bulky, often unreliable and dated cryo equipment
  • Provides ophthalmologists a new effective tool to treat certain potentially sight-threatening retinal tears and detachments
  • CryoTreq adds to BVI’s rapidly expanding vitreoretinal portfolio including Vitreq® single-use instruments and Arcad® surgical fluids

Waltham, MA – June 2, 2020:  BVI, the fastest growing diversified company in ophthalmology, today announced the European launch of CryoTreq – the world’s first single-use, handheld cryo-surgery device for ophthalmology. The product was developed in partnership with Prof. Stanislao Rizzo*, retinal surgeon and Professor at University of Florence, as a stand-alone device for cryo-surgery without external connections to equipment, gas tanks or power – that also, does not require any service or maintenance. During the last few years, CryoTreq has been developed to modernize a well-proven method for treating sight-threatening retinal tears and detachments. “Within a minute of opening the sterile blister I am ready to treat retinal tears or detachment whether I’m in my office or in the operating room. It’s never been this easy to perform a cryo procedure”, said Prof. Stanislao Rizzo from Italy.

CryoTreq enables a minimally invasive ab externo approach to treat retinal tears and detachments, providing an alternative to laser photocoagulation – especially for lesion located towards the anterior of the eye.  It requires minimal time for preparation, is easy and intuitive to use, with a hand-controlled single button activation. Like existing cryo equipment CryoTreq’s probe reaches temperatures as low as

-88C and the tip reaches cryogenic temperatures within 4 to 6 seconds after activation.

The launch will complement BVI’s existing posterior ophthalmic surgery portfolio, which includes high-quality and innovative single-use instruments, tamponades, dyes, enriched sterile saline solution and surgical equipment. “CryoTreq will be a game changer. The ease of use and efficiency will make cryo-surgery accessible to more surgeons and more patients. We believe surgeons will, over time, replace use of many laser-based procedures with CryoTreq as well”, according to Shervin Korangy, BVI President and CEO.

BVI is actively working on registrations in jurisdictions outside of Europe.

*Prof. Stanislao Rizzo has no financial interest related to CryoTreq, BVI and Vitreq.

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