PhysIOL® has been developing for more than 30 years a range of innovative products, designed in partnership with ophthalmic surgeons and in close cooperation with specialized research centers and universities. Our expertise covers all steps of development and manufacture of intraocular lenses extending from polymer chemistry to sterilization processes, responding to the strictest requirements in quality. 

PhysIOL technologies

Our patented technologies are the foundation of our optical solutions that benefit long term clinical outcomes and safety in terms of raw material, platform and spectacle independence.

When precision meets innovation

PhysIOL Toric Calculator with Abulafia-Koch regression Formula

Our goal is to assist surgeons with the most precise and reliable IOL calculations in order to achieve the utmost satisfaction level of patients with corneal astigmatism. The new calculation method helps physicians select the appropriate toric IOL model and as such improves toric outcomes in astigmastic patients.


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PhysIOL technology portfolio

Erkunden Sie das komplette Linsen-Portfolio
Erkunden Sie das komplette Linsen-Portfolio

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