CryoTreq is the only hand-held, single use and stand-alone device for ophthalmic cryo-surgery, a treatment based on locally applying extreme freeze to eye tissues, to treat the anterior and posterior segment.

  • Already sterile, 6 simple steps to use it
  • Stand-alone, just one button for frosting/defrosting
  • Single use advantage
  • Only one “REF” covers your needs for cryo-surgery

Posterior Segment

  • Cryopexy for retinal detachment
  • Treatment for retinopathy of prematurity


  • 6 seconds for an 0.8 mm thickness ice ball to form on the cryo-tip
  • After releasing the activation button, it takes 6 seconds flushing with sterile solution at room temperature to safely retract the probe from the eye
  • Approximately 15 freezing actions are possible with 1 device
  • The lowest cryo-tip temperature achievable is -88° C
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