ARCAD: 25 years of expertise in eye care

Over the last 25 years, Arcadophta has created, developped, manufactured and marketed a complete and innovative range of ready-to-use devices for ophthalmic surgery. Arcadophta offers a dedicated line of products adapted to different types of surgery, silicone oils, perfluorocarbons liquids, gases, high density dyes and corneal protection to optimize operating times. Under EN ISO 13485/2016 certification, Arcadophta has developed its own processes of purification for different line of products and patented solutions for ophthalmic gases preparation.


“For me Arceole has two advantages:

  • Safety: being able to have proof of having used a single-use system, in case of endophthalmitis, is an advantage
  • The reproducibility of the gas concentration: when you use large bottles, there are differences in concentrations and hence in expansion of the gas to be injected depending on whether you are at the start of the bottle or at the end of the bottle. Here there is always the same concentration and hence better reproducibility”

-Dr. Didier Ducournau, Clinique La Sourdille, Nantes, France

Better tolerated ophthalmic products

Arcadophta gives priority to tolerance of the product during and after the surgical operation. All our formulations follow a purification process to eliminate any toxic residues or components. Discover our products: